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LTC1688 LTC1689 - 100Mbps RS485 Hot Swapable Quad Drivers
The LTC1688 allows all four drivers to be enabled together, ... s High Speed Backplane Drivers ..... drivers employs a novel architecture and fabrication pro-.
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Solutions - LED Driver ICs
A 34W LED Driver With Robust Output Short-Circuit Protection ... Using a novel current sensing scheme, the controller is able to deliver a well regulated current ...
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LT6703 - Linear Technology
The LT6703-2 LT6703-3 LT6703HV-2 LT6703HV-3 combine a micropower, low voltage comparator with a 400mV reference in a tiny DFN package.
LTC6943 - Linear Technology
The LTC6943 is a monolithic, charge-balanced, dual switched capacitor instrumentation building block.
LTC1921 - Dual -48V Supply and Fuse Monitor - Linear Technology
The LTC 1921 monitors two independent 48V supplies, including their fuses, and drives up to three optoisolators to indicate status, in accordance with ...
LT1762 - Linear Technology
The LT1762 series are micropower, low noise, low dropout regulators.
LTC6702 - Linear Technology
The LTC6702 is an extremely small dual comparator designed to maximize battery life while providing both speed and low voltage operation in applications ...
LTC3614 - Linear Technology
The LTC 3614 is a low quiescent current monolithic synchronous buck regulator using a current mode, constant frequency architecture.
LT6200 - Linear Technology
The LT6200 LT6201 are single and dual ultralow noise, rail-to-rail input and output unity gain stable op amps that feature 0.
LT3485 - Linear Technology
The LT3485 family of photoflash chargers are highly integrated ICs containing complete charger and IGBT drive functions.
LT6300 - Linear Technology
The LT 6300 is a 500mA minimum output current, dual op amp with outstanding distortion performance.
RH1185AMK - Linear Technology
The RH1185AMK is a 3A low dropout regulator with adjustable current limit and remote sense capability.
LTC3105 - Linear Technology
The LTC3105 is a high efficiency step-up DC DC converter that can operate from input voltages as low as 225mV.